Automate Home and Entertainment Systems

Simplify and automate your home and entertainment systems.  Use a smartphone or tablet to control all household systems.  No need for separate remotes.  Integrate entertainment systems (TV's, Receivers, Video Devices), video monitoring systems like Ring, lights, thermostats, door locks, Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Home.  Control all devices and systems by voice or a single controller.  In home installation included.  Additional devices can be added.

Connect Up to 10 Devices with this Starter Package.

Outdoor Amplified Full HD Antenna

Provide Full High Definition TV throughout your entire home for a one time cost.  This antenna provides 360 degree reception of over the air high definition TV channels.  Typical channel reception is 25 to 60 depending on location.  Product is sold as part of an installation package. 

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Premium 4K Streaming Device

This is our premium 4K streaming device.  This unit runs on the Android operating system.  Just add your favorite streaming tv service to enjoy Live TV, Video On Demand, Music and Games.  Proven to be buffer free with high speed internet and most major content providers. (Hardware only) 

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If you want to have a wired network in your existing home without the hassle of running new wires, we have a solution for you.  This solution uses the existing coaxial cable in your home to distribute the internet signal from your service provider at speeds up to 1 Gbps. 

Our solution is more affordable than running new cables and more reliable than wireless solutions.  Product is sold as part of an installation package.

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